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2009 Meeting Archive

Board Meetings


January 12.docFebruary 9.docMarch 9.docApril 13.docMay 1 Special Meeting.docMay 4 Emergency Meeting.docMay 18.docJune 8.docJuly 20 Closed Session.docJuly 20 Mtg..docAugust 10 Mtg..docAug. 10 Study Session Re Contracts.docSeptember 14 Mtg..docSept. 14 Closed Session.docOctober 12 Mtg..docNovember 9 Mtg..docNov. 9 Study Session.docDecember 14 Mtg..docDec 14 Closed Session.doc


Jan.12 minutes.docSpecial Board Mtg. 1-26-09.docFeb. 9 Board Mtg.1.docMarch 9 Board Meeting.docApril 13 Board Mtg..docMay 4 Special Meeting.docMay 18 Regula Board Mtg..docMay 18 Regula Board Mtg. Final.docmAY 18 Budget Study Session.docmAY 18 Budget Study Session - Final.docJune 8 Regular Board Mtg.1.docJune 8 Budget Study Session.docJuly 20 Regular Board Mtg..docAugust 10 Regular Board Mtg.1.docAug. 10 Study Session.docSpecial Meeting 7-17 and 7-18-09.docOct. 12 Regular Board Mtg..docSept. 14 Regular Board Mtg..doc

Finance Committee

Finance Committee 5-12-09.docFinance Committee 5-26-09.docFinance Committee 6-1-09.docFinance Committee 6-15-09.docFinance Committee 7-13-09.docFinance Committee 7-13-09-1.docFinance Committee 8-17-09.docFinance Committee 9-21-09.docFinance Committee 10-19-09.docFinance Committee 11-16-09.docFinance Committee 12-18-09.docFuture Finance Committee Mtg..doc

Executive Committee

Executive Committee 8-21-09.docExecutive Committee 9-18-09.docExecutive Committee 10-1-09.docExecutive Committee 12-17-09.docExecutive Committee 12-18-09.doc

Outreach Committee

Outreach Comm. 8-28-09.docOutreach Comm. 9-4-09.docOutreach Comm. 9-11-09.docOutreach Comm. 10-9-09.docOutreach Comm. 10-30-09.docOutreach Committee 11-27-09.doc

Ad Hoc Committees

CEO Position 1-9-09.docCEO Position 1-16-09.docCommunity Garden Subcommittee 1-23-09.docCommunity Garden Subcommittee 2-27-09.docCommunity Garden Subcommittee 3-27-09.docCommunity Garden Subcommittee 4-17-09.docCommunity Garden Subcommittee 5-20-09.docCommunity Garden Subcommittee 6-12-09.docEyeglass Committee 3-30-09.docEyeglass Committee 4-27-09.docEyeglass Committee 6-22-09.docEyeglass Committee 7-27-09.docEyeglass Committee 8-24-09.docEyeglass Committee 9-28-09.docEyeglass Committee 10-26-09.docEyeglass Committee 11-23-09.docFit Fest Comm. Mtg. 1-9-09.docFit Fest Comm. Mtg. 2-6-09.docFit Fest Comm. Mtg.3-6-09.docFit Fest Comm. Mtg. 4-3-09.docFit Fest Comm. Mtg. 5-22-09.docGrants Aug. 6, 09.docGrants Aug. 20, 09.docGrants Sept. 17, 2009.docGrants Sept. 3, 2009.docGrants & Policy 10-22-09.docGrants & Policy 10-30-09.docPolicy Review Ad Hoc 7-2-09.docPolicy Review Ad Hoc 7-16-09.docPolicy Review Ad Hoc 7-23-09.doc