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2011 Meeting Archive

Board Meetings


January 10 Regular Mtg..docFeb. 3, 2011 Closed Session[1].docFebruary 14 Regular Mtg..docFebruary 22 Special Board Mtg..docMarch 14 Regular Mtg..docApril 5 Closed Session.docApril 11 Board Mtg..docApril 11 Board Mtg..doc.docxApril 25 Closed Session.docApril 29 Closed Session - Hicks.docApril 29 Special Mtg. and Closed Session.docMay 2 Reg. Mtg..docJune 7 Special Mtg. and Closed Session.docJune 13 Reg. Mtg..docJune 20 Closed Session.docJune Agenda.docxJuly 11 Special Meeting.docJuly 11 Special Mtg..docJuly 11 Special Meeting(1).docJuly 18 Reg. Mtg..docAug. 8 Reg. Mtg..docAug. 15 Special Meeting.docAug. 29 Special Meeting.docBoard Agenda 9-9-13.pdfSept. 12 Reg. Mtg..docSept. 12 Special Meeting.docSept. 26 Special Meeting.docSeptember Agenda.docxOctober 10 Reg. Meeting Agenda.docxOct. 10 Reg. Mtg..docOct. 17 Closed Session.docNovember 14 Mtg..docxNovember 14 Mtg. Agenda.docxBoard Agenda 11-14-11.pdfNov. 14 Closed Session.docDecember 12 Board Mtg..docxDecember 12 Mtg. Agenda.docDecember 12 Mtg. Agenda.docx


January 10 regular mtg.[1].docFebruary 14 regular meeting.docFeb. 22 Special Mtg.[1].docMarch 14 regular mtg.[1].docJuly 11 Special Mtg..docJuly 18 regular mtg..docJune 7 Special Mtg..docJune 13 regular mtg..docMay 2 regular mtg.[1].docSept. 26 Special Meeting.docApril 29 Special Mtg..docApril 11 regular mtg.[1].docAug. 29 Special Mtg..docAug. 15 Special Mtg..docAugust 8 regular mtg..docAugust 8 regular mtg.docxAugust 8 regular mtg.docSept. 12 Regular Mtg..docSept. 12 Special Mtg..docOct. 10 Regular Meeting.docNov. 14 Regular Meeting.docDec. 12 Regular Meeting.docDec 13 minutes.pdf

Admin., Real Estate, and Legal

Admin, Real Estate, Legal 1-14-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 1-28-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 1-31-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 2-11-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 3-30-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 4-8-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 6-17-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 7-8-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 8-12-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 9-16-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 10-14-11.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 12-9-11.doc

Financial Committee

Finance Comm. 2-15-11.pdfFinance Comm. 2-28-11.pdfFinance Comm 5-16-2011.docFinance Comm 6-20-2011.docFinance Comm7-25-2011.docFinance Comm 8-15-2011.docFinance Comm. 9-19-11.pdfFinance Comm 9-19-2011.docFinance Comm 11-21-2011.docFinance Comm 12-19-2011.docxFinance Comm 12-19-2011.doc

Grants and Policy Committee

Grants & Policy Comm 1-21-11.docGrants & Policy Comm. 3-2-11.docGrants & Policy Committee 4-26-11.pdfGrants & Policy 9-9-11.pdfGrants & Policy Comm. 9-9-2011.docxGrants & Policy Comm. 9-9-2011.docGrants & Policy 9-26-11.pdfGrants & Policy Comm. 9-26-2011.docx

Garden Committee

Garden Committee 1-7-11.pdfComm Garden 2-23-11.docxGarden Comm. 2-23-11.pdfComm Garden 3-23-11.docxComm Garden Mtg 6-08-2011.docComm Garden Mtg 6-23-2011.docxComm Garden Mtg 7-28-2011.docxComm Garden Mtg 8-11-2011.docxComm Garden Mtg 8-25-2011.docxComm Garden Mtg 09-14-2011.docxGarden Committee 9-14-11.pdfGarden Committee 9-28-11.pdfComm Garden Mtg 9-28-2011.docxComm Garden Mtg 10-12-2011.docxComm Garden Mtg 10-26-2011.docxComm Garden Mtg 11-30-2011.docxComm Garden Mtg 12-28-2011.docx



DPAC 12-16-11.pdfDistrict Program & Activities10-21-11.docxDistrict Program & Activities 1-31-11.docDistrict Program & Activities10-21-11.docDistrict Program & Activities 12-16-11.docDistrict Program & Activities 2-18-11.docDistrict Program & Activities 4-8-11.docDistrict Program & Activities 4-25-11.docDistrict Program & Activities 5-17-11.docDistrict Program & Activities 4-12-11.docDistrict Program & Activities 6-3-11.docxDistrict Program & Activities 3-18-11.docDistrict Program & Activities 5-27-11.docDistrict Program & Activities 6-24-11.docxDistrict Program & Activities 7-15-11.docxDistrict Program & Activities 5-27-11.docxDistrict Program & Activities 8-19-11.docxDistrict Program & Activities 12-9-11.docDPAC 12-16-11-002.pdf


DPAC Mtg. 1-31-11.docDPAC Mtg. 3-18-11.pdfDPAC Mtg. 5-18-11.pdfDPAC Mtg. 6-24-11.docDPAC Mtg. 8-19-11.docxDPAC Mtg. 8-19-11.docDPAC 8-19-2011.docxDPAC 10-21-2011.docxDPAC 12-16-2011.docx

REAL Committee

Real Committee 1-31-11.docReal Committee 2-11-11.pdfREAL Committee 3-2-2011.docReal Committee4-8-11.pdfReal Committee 6-17-2011.docReal Committee 7-8-2011.docREAL Comm 08-12-11.docREAL Committee 9-16-2011.docxREAL Committee 9-16-2011.docReal Committee 9-16-11.pdfREAL Committee 10-14-2011.docxREAL Comm 12-9-11.doc