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2012 Meeting Archive

Board Meetings


January 9 Board Mtg. Agenda.docJan. 23 Closed Session.docFeb. 13 Board Mtg. Agenda.docMarch 12 Board Mtg. Agenda.docApril 9 Board Mtg..pdfApril 9 Board Mtg. Agenda Final.docMay 14 Board Mtg. Agenda.docJune 11 Board Mtg. Agenda.docJune 11 Board Meeting.pdfJune 12 Board Meeting(1).pdfJune 25 Special Meeting.docJuly 16 Board Mtg. Agenda.docJuly 16 Board Mtg. Agenda1.docAug. 13, 2012 Meeting.pdfAugust 13 Board Mtg. Agenda.docAug. 27 Closed Session.docAugust 27 Closed Session.docSeptember 10 Agenda.pdfSeptember 10 Board Mtg. Agenda.docSept. 24 Closed Session.docOctober 8 Board Mtg. Agenda.docNovember 5 Board Meeting Agenda.pdfNovember 5 Board Mtg. Agenda.docDecember 10 Board Mtg. Agenda.pdfDecember 10 Board Mtg. Agenda.docDecember 12 Mtg. Agenda.doc


January 9 Regular Meeting.docJan. 9 Board Mtg..docFebruary 27 Special Meeting.docMarch 12 regular meeting.docApril 9 regular mtg..doc4-9-12 Regular Mtg..pdfMay 14 regular mtg..doc5-14-12 Regular Mtg..pdfJune 11 regular mtg.docJune 11 Regular Mtg..pdfJune 11 regular mtg(1).docJune 25 Special Meeting.docJuly 16 regular mtg..docBoard 7-16-12.pdfAugust 13 Board mtg..docSept 10, 2012 Regular Mtg..pdfSeptember 10 regular mtg..docOctober 8 Board mtg..docOct 8 Reg Mtg..pdfOct. 22, 2012 Minutes.pdfOctober 29 Special Meeting.docOct. 29 Special Mtg..pdfNovember 5 Board mtg..docNov. 5 Board Mtg..pdfNovember 19 Special Meeting.docNov 19 Special Mtg..pdfDecember 10 Board mtg..docDecember 17 Special Meeting.doc

Admin., Real Estate, and Legal


Admin, Real Estate, Legal 1-6-12.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 2-10-12.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 3-9-12.docAdmin, R.E. & Legal Committee 4-13-12.pdfAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 6-15-12.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 7-20-12.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 7-27-12.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 8-17-12.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 9-20-12.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 10-18-12.docAdmin, Real Estate, Legal 11-15-12.doc


Financial Committee


Finance Committee 11-19-12.docFinance Committee 7-23-12.docFinance 6-18.pdfFinance Committee 3-26-12.pdfFinance Committee 5-21-12.docFinance 6-18-12.pdfFinance Committee 11-26-12.docFinance Committee 2-21-12.docFinance Committee 12-17-12.docFinance Committee Info Packet 3-26.pdfFinance Committee 1-23-12.doc


Finance Comm. 1-23-12.docFinance Comm. 2-21-12.pdfFinance Comm. 3-26-12.docFinance Comm.4-16-12.pdfFinance Comm. 4-16-12.docFinance Comm.5-21-12.docFinance Comm.5-21-12.pdfFinance Comm.5-21-12(1).docFinance Comm.6-18-12.docFinance Comm . 9-10-12.docFinance Comm.11-19-12.pdfFinance Comm . 11-19-12.docFinance Comm. 12-17-12.pdfFinance Comm . 12=17-12.doc


DPAC 1-20-12.docxDistrict Program & Activities 1-20-12.docDPAC Mtg. Information 1-20-12.pdfDistrict Program & Activities 2-17-12.docDPAC 2-17-2012.docxDistrict Program & Activities 3-16-12 Meeting Cancellation.docDistrict Program & Activities 3-16-12.docDPAC 4-20-2012.docxDPAC Packet 4-20-12.pdfDPAC 4-20-12.pdfDPAC Mtg. 4-20-12.pdfDPAC 5-11-12.pdfDistrict Program & Activities 5-11-12.docDPAC 5-11-2012.docxDPAC Mtg. 5-11-12.pdfDPAC Agenda 5-11-12.pdfDistrict Program & Activities 6-8-12.docDPAC 6-8-2012.docxDistrict Program & Activities 7-13-12.docDPAC 7-19-2012.docxDistrict Program & Activities 7-19-12.docDPAC Mtg. 7-19-12.pdfDPAC 12-16-2011.docx

Grants and Policy

Grants & Policy Comm. 7-16-12.docxGrants & Policy 7-16-12.docGrants & Policy Comm. 8-01-12.docxGrants & Policy Comm. 9-12-12.docxGrants & Policy Comm. 10-17-12.pdfGrants & Policy Comm.10-17-12.docx


Garden Committee 1-25-2012.docxGarden Committee 2-8-12.pdfCommunity Garden 2-08-2012.docxGarden Comm. 2-8-12.pdfCommunity Garden 2-22-2012.docxGarden Comm. 2-22-12.pdfGarden Committee 3-14-12.pdfCommunity Garden 3-14-2012.docxCommunity Garden 3-14-2012.pdfCommunity Garden 3-28-2012.docxGarden Comittee 4-11-12.pdfCommunity Garden 4-11-2012.docxGarden Committee 4-11-12.pdfCommunity Garden 4-25-2012.docxGarden Comm. 4-25-12.pdfGarden Committee 5-9-12.pdfGarden Comm. 5-23-12.pdfCommunity Garden 5-23-2012.docxCommunity Garden 6-13-2012 (unoffical).docxCommunity Garden 6-27-2012.docxCommunity Garden 7-25-2012.docxCommunity Garden 8-22-2012.docxCommunity Garden 9-26-12.pdfCommunity Garden 10-24-2012.docxCommunity Garden 10-24-12 minutes.pdfGarden Comm. 11-28-12.pdfCommunity Garden 11-28-2012.docx

REAL Committee

REAL Comm 1-6-2012.docREAL 4-13-12.pdfREAL Comm 4-13-2012.docREAL Committee 6-15-12.pdfREAL Committee 6-15-12(1).pdfREAL Comm Supporting Docs 6-15-12.pdfREAL Comm 6-15-2012.docREAL Comm 7-20-2012.docREAL Comm 8-17-2012.docxREAL Comm 9-20-2012.docxREAL Oct. 18 Minutes.pdfREAL Comm 10-18-2012.docxREAL Comm 11-15-2012.docxREAL 11-15-12.pdf