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Health & Wellness Grants Program

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The application form opens October 5, 2020 at 8:00 am.

Please be sure to attend the Virtual Bidder's Conference on Thursday, October 8th, 2020.  This is a requirement.  Registration page is found in the upper right hand corner of this page.

The Los Medanos Community Healthcare District (LMCHD) is proud to announce its 2020-2021 Fall Health & Wellness Grants cycle!  Bi-annually, LMCHD awards grants to nonprofit and governmental organizations working to improve the health and wellness of LMCHD residents who are underserved, lack access to medical services, and vulnerable populations most at risk for poor health within the LMCHD's boundaries. 

The governing board's mission and strategic plan focus on advancing solutions to health disparities among these populations. Since the year 2000, LMCHD has invested millions of dollars through its grantmaking process to support community-driven efforts to improve health and wellness and promote preventative measures.

The application form closes on October 23, 2020, at 11:59 pm.


Amount and Duration of Funding Awards:

  • LMCHD Board has approved. over $225,000.00 for the fall grants funding cycle. 
  • The District reserves the right to discontinue or reduce an award if the recipient does not demonstrate compliance with contract or program requirements (including progress towards approved outcomes) in a timely annual progress report. Renewed funding will also be dependent upon the District’s community health priorities and availability of funding.
  • Recipients may only have one outstanding award at a time.

The amount available for a particular award will vary depending upon many factors including LMCHD's overall budget, requested amount, the applicant's organizational budget, and the project's alignment with LMCHD's strategic goals.

Use of Funding for Health Funding:

Grant funding can finance the launch of a new project or the expansion of an existing project. LMCHD is particularly interested in projects that can successfully leverage grant funds to attract other sources of sustainable funding. The funding for the Health and Wellness Grant Program will consider requests for support as follows:

Health ServicesAsthma Treatment & Therapy
 Behavioral Health Treatment 
 Dental Exams 
 Substance Abuse Treatment
 Healthcare Clinics 
Preventative Services & Environmental JusticeDomestic Violence Education
 Violence Prevention 
 Diabetes Prevention
 Food Access & Insecurity 
 Obesity Prevention
 Air & Water Quality
Population-Specific Efforts Senior Citizen Caregiver Support 
 Under-served Youth
 Immigrant Communities
Research & Educational Programming First Aid/CPR/AED
 Healthcare Worker Professional Development
 Public Health Disparities
 Training and Conferences

Funding Restrictions:

The District will generally NOT support the following:

•          Individuals

•          Endowment campaigns

•          Retirement of debt

•          Gift cards

•          Medical, scientific or non-applied research

•          Capital campaigns or building improvements

•          Overhead or administrative costs not directly related to a proposed project

•          Annual campaigns, fundraising events or expenses related to fundraising

•          Programs that proselytize or promote any particular religion or sect, or deny services to potential beneficiaries based upon religious beliefs

•          Expenses related to lobbying public officials

•          Political campaigns or other partisan political activities

Projects that fall outside the District's guidelines will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Applicants will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of submitted applications. Applications will be screened by staff to ensure it is complete and ready for board review. Once deemed complete by staff, applications will be forwarded to the Grants & Policy Committee for review and recommendation in April

Following Committee review,  members may ask applicants additional questions. Applicants should be prepared to answer any follow-up questions by the Committee. the applicant will receive an email with questions and will be asked to respond to the questions in writing.

Applications will be scored on a 100-point scale encompassing  key factors:

  1. Applicant capacity;
  2. Consistency with LMCHD Strategic Goals;
  3. Consistency with community needs;
  4. Measurable and achievable outcomes; and 
  5. Demonstrated fiscal accountability.

At any point during the process, please do not hesitate to contact LMCHD staff with questions or concerns. 

Funding Administration

When an award is made, performance requirements related to the District’s strategic objectives, reporting obligations, and payment schedules are specified as a condition of the award and written into the contract agreement. Generally, awardees will be required to make a mid-term progress report and a final report at the end of the award.  Through these reports, the District monitors its investment in programs and projects, requiring awardees to substantiate how residents are being served and how measurable outcomes are meeting the District's mission and strategic objectives. Additional reports or site visits will be requested as the District deems necessary.

Record keeping guidelines that Awardees must follow are included in the downloadable below.

Printable Appendix B - Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements.pdf



Upon submission you will receive an email within 24-48 hours requesting the following:
- Entity/Organization 501(c)(3) documentation.  In order to apply for funds an organization must be tax-exempt, 501(c)(3), nonprofit corporation or an entity within the public sector, including school districts and departments of local  government.  An organization must not engage in discrimination inconsistent with its tax-exempt status and federal and state civil rights laws.
- Entity/Organization Annual Budget approved by your organization's board of directors.
- Entity/Organization Recent Audited or Un-audited Financial Statement (year-end statement including balance sheet and statement of income and expenses accepted by your organization's board of directors.
- LMCHD Budget Worksheet
- List of entity/organization's current board members including professional, business and community affiliations.
- If applicable, letters of commitment from all other organization collaborating on the project or providing technical assistance, including statements of their financial, organizational, and staff commitments.
- If applicable, any other printed materials: e.g., an annual report, brochure, etc., which would describe your organization and its programs in relation to the community. 

PLEASE NOTE:  The requested documents are required to be considered for the LMCHD 2020-2021 Fall Cycle Grant.  Please be prepared to send the requested info via email.  Please contact Sabrina Hansen-Beardsley at or call (925) 432-2200 with a detailed message if you have any questions.

Printable Grant Application Checklist.pdfExcel Version - LMCHD Budget Funding Worksheet.xlsxWord Document - LMCHD Budget Funding Worksheet.docx


Printable LMCHD Health and Wellness Grant Guidelines.pdfPrintable 2020 2021 Fall Grants Application.pdf


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