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LMCHD Community Garden

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The LMCHD Community Garden was founded in 2012,  it took LMCHD four years to raise the money, rally community interest, and for the city of Pittsburg to really embrace the idea.

The community garden consists of 39 ground plots, 18 raised beds, and 23 ground circle plots. We run at maximize capacity and maintain a wait list. Linda Strong, LMCHD board treasurer and former co-chair of the Community Garden Committee stated “the garden is absolutely beautiful. Great vegetables are grown in our organic garden and it's really exciting to support our residents with access to fresh vegetables in such a practical way.” 
The garden is designed for the gardening activities of the residents and organizations in Pittsburg and Bay Point.  Organization such as The Girls Scouts of America, Pittsburg High School, Center for Human Development, and Community Based Instruction, all have plots and garden with LMCHD.  The purpose is for the children and seniors to have a positive experience with gardening while growing vegetables and to develop better eating habits and address the obesity epidemic among children.  
Garden plots are intended for the organic growth of edible fruits, vegetables, and herbs.  Annual flowers may be included.  Steve Cordova, a Pittsburg resident and the unofficial Mayor of the community garden, is a constant presence and serves as LMCHD’s official greeter and aid for new and existing gardeners. He is passionate about vegetables and says, "We know what we grow, it's all natural."  Gardeners are expected to participate in garden work days to help with maintenance and harvesting of community plots. 

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