LMCHD Community Garden

The LMCHD community garden is designed for the gardening activities of the residents of Pittsburg and Bay Point.  The community garden consists of 39 ground plots, 18 raised beds, and 23 circle plots. The Community Garden brings together people of all ages and backgrounds to share in the experience of organic gardening and building a sense of community.

The garden hosts summer workshops, cooking demonstrations, tours, and other events which educate and promote the benefits of community gardening and organic growing practices.

May contain: computer, electronics, computer keyboard, keyboard, computer hardware, hardware, and text

Community Garden Legend

Square with number: Ground plot 16'x16'

Rectangle with letter: Raised bed 3'x16'

Circle with number: Round ground plots

Community Garden Summary

39 Ground plots

18 Raised beds

23 Round ground plots

Additional Features

1 Tool barn

1 Storage shed

1 Green/Hot house

6 Compost bins

1 Deck area with benches

Community Garden Rules and RegulationsGarden Plot Application