LMCHD Falls Prevention Program




Dr. Marcus Penn

In November 2017 The Los Medanos Community Healthcare District selected Dr. Marcus Larenzo Penn to structure a direct service program targeting the senior population of Pittsburg and Bay Point. LMCHD's Falls Prevention Program holds four to five forums monthly - during the forum participants engaged in low-impact and  full-body strengthening excersises and therapeutic breathing techniques. Together, Dr. Penn and the Los Medanos Community Healthcare District have determined that these approaches combined will build core, arm, and limb strength to reduce falls in the senior population. The forum is held every Monday at 12:30pm until 1:30pm and they are open to the public within Pittsburg and Bay Point communities.


The Good Health to Seniors Health Forum takes place four to five times a month at the Pittsburg Senior Center (300 Persidio Lane, 94565, Pittsburg, CA) the forum is limited to 20 particpants per session and has had full capacity for the majority of each session. LMCHD is currently vetting additional senior communities to serve.. 


Below you'll find a LMCHD Falls Prevention Program schedule. 

2018 Senior Health Fourm Schedule