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In January 2018 LMCHD created its HIV & AIDs Prevention Program (HAAP). Since forming the LMCHD HIV & AIDs Prevention Program, the District has been successfully involved in numerous community events and has provided materials and information to over 500 individuals. This LMCHD Direct Service Program intiative is to reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDs in the Pittsburg and Bay Point Communities and to provide them with comprehensive healthcare information on HIV and AIDs education and HIV and AIDs prevention. LMCHD has also collaborated with Contra Costa Health Services and that agencies HIV and AIDs Prevention Program. The Contra Costa HIV/AIDs Consortium group provides the District with materials and information, and the Districts supporting staff makes the materials and information availble to the public at large.  

Materials Include:

  • %100 Latex Male Condoms (All sizes)
  • %100 Latex Female Condoms (One size)
  • Condom instructions (Male & Female)
  • Lubricants
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Re-usable Storage bags

Information Includes:

  • Information regarding free screening/tesing sights
  • Information regarding HIV support and HIV awarness groups
  • Brochures targeting the Male Demographic
  • Brochures targeting the Female Demographic
  • Healthy Lifestyle tips for those living with HIV/AIDS


(All Informational material available in English & Spanish)


Supporting LMCHD Staff:

Aaronique Gordon (Communtiy Outreach Specialist)



*For more information regarding the HAAP Program

Please call: (925) 432-2200 or E-mail: *