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As a public organization funded through tax-payer dollars, LMCHD uses those dollars to invest in the health and well-being of our public rsidents. Those dollars are used to positively impact the health of children, families and senior adults in our community, 

Los Medanos Community Healthcare District (LMCHD) is one of the 74 Healthcare Districts in the state of California established after World War II to ensure that residents in our communities have acess to quality healthcare and medical services. 

LMCHD provides community-based, community-funded healthcare services to Pittsburg, Bay Point, Cyde, Clayton, and unincorporated Antioch residents.

LMCHD directly provides access to health as we lease the Pittsburg Health Clinic to Contra Costa County. Without access to vital health services, our communities would face life-threatening risks.

Both the LMCHD grant program and the LMCHD direct services program directly impact the health of our residents by addressing several broad areas of healthcare needs in our community.

Childhood obesity, health education, improving behaviors to manage diabetes, creating innovative ways to promote physical activities, provide visual screenings to children who otherwise would not recieve services as well as providing access for public residents  to grow organic vegetable in a community defines as a "fresh food desert" in LMCHD's Community Garden.


A list of Organizations funded by the LMCHD Grant Program

  •  St. Vincnet de Paul Medical Clinic (Rota-Care)
  • Contra Costa Regional Health Foundation
  • Lions Center for the Visually Impaired
  • Greater Faith Food Pantry
  • Meals on Wheels (Senior Outreach Program)
  • Ambrose Community Garden
  • Fresh Approach
  • Healthy Hearts Institute
  • Ombudsman Services
  • Eddie Hart All-In-One Foundation 
  • APT Sports
  • Satallite Affordable Housing (Columbia Park Senior Housing)
  • Aspire Youth Camp
  • Bay Point Community Foundation 
  • Contra Costa Health Ministries
  • Upper Room Church (Camp P226)
  • STS Academy
  • Sports and Fitness for Kids
  • First Baptist Headstart (Preschool)
  • Souljah's Village Get-Fit Program 
  • East County Midnight Basketball
  • Full Stride Yiuth Track Club
  • All-Star Cheer Reaction
  • Loaves and Fishes
  • Nunley's Karate DO
  • Pittsburg 50+ Club
  • Souljah's House